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My H9000R is not able to connect. “Could not connect to… An Error occuredd…”

After upgraduing the H9000R with Emote 1.1 to the newest firmware and then installing Emote 1.2 (as mentioned above mmany times 1.1 is out of date for new h9k firmware) i can still not connect with emote 1.2 since “an error occurred..”

As the message further reccommends i flushed my Macs DNS cache, restarted the H9000R as well as the cmomputer at least 10 times – all without luck.

I also tried booting the H9k in recovery mode as well as setting up a new Wifi connection (press network button at startup, same dongle installed as always) – again no luck.

manual connection with IP address even with networlk cable is not working as well.

I am starting to loose patience and hope. We are tsalking about a 4000 dollar effect machine asfter all, which always has some kind of issue; may it be sample rate- connection issues via Word Clock as Aggregate Device or connection issues with its controller sofware…

Please help!