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Eventide Staff


Sorry to hear you're experiencing issues.  Just to be sure, are you mapping the parameters in Emote to the Function controls first?  The thing to note with automation on the H9000 is that it's all done through Functions – these are macro controls that you need to map parameters to in order to automate them.  It's done this way because the number of parameters can change based on which algorithm is loaded.

If you right-click on a parameter in Emote and bring up the mapping panel, you can select Function 1-8 as the source and set the appropriate ranges.  The FX 1:1, 1:2, etc. automatable parameters that appear in the DAW are these Functions 1-8.

As far as the other issues (sound dropping out, crashes) if you're experiencing these regularly I'd always encourage filing a ticket with support@eventide.com so that we can look into these and address them.