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I followed your instructions and it worked, sort of.

The main issue is that if I use a TRS cable into pedal 1 for the first pedal (used as a single pedal) and then another TRS for pedal 2 plugged in Pedal 2, the second pedal is actually understood as Pedal 3 but Emote and the H9000R. So what is called pedal 1 in the back of the unit should really be labeled pedal 1/2 (in case it it used with a split cable to connect two pedals), and what is labeled pedal 2 should really be labeled Pedal 3/4. Took me a while to figure this out.

Secondly, the Boss FV500 (H or L) needs to have the max volume button set to Minumum in order for the epression pedal to work correctly, Go figure…

So I am 100% good to go now, but your instructions should be a little bit more precise.


Thanks anyways, the Learn feature is what saved me BTW.

Calibration seems to work well (despite not showing anyhting in Emote) as I correeclty cover the 0 to 100 range on the buttons I try ro control.