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I have success… But I don’t know why.

I noticed in another thread somewhere, a user commenting that Emote would never log onto their H9000 as it was named. That is to say, mine is called KYXTA on the H9000 itself, and when I originally set up Emote, KYXTA was found and I connected to that. Then, a few months ago, my Emote failed to connect to KYXTA, and instead I had to ‘+’ a device and search via the IP Adress everytime, which would find my H9000, but only recognise it as said IP, and not by it’s name, KYXTA.

Today I logged in to provide you with the information requested above, and low and behold Emote immidiately started to auto-connect to KYXTA the second I dropped it on a track in Ableton Live. Trouble is, I have no explanation as to why it wouldnt previously connect, and why it chose to this time. It hasnt done so for months?!

Stands to reason that the actual name of the H9000 plays a large part in the communications, and I am guessing that Ableton and Push were seeing KYXTA’s perameters, whilst Emote was controlling ‘IP xx.xxx.xxx’ and so no communications were passed through.

Just to confirm, I have updated nothing between yesterday and today. 

I’ll be in the studio a lot these next few weeks and will be sure to feedback and hopefuylly let you know all is well. 

In the meantime, big thanks to Eventide support who have gotten back to me daily on this. Hopefully this is the last of my makor niggles and I can move forward and use this incredible thing the way I have been hoping to this last year. Appreciate it.