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Reporting back for the sake of feedback here. It’s been 5 days of pretty hard use in the studio. Much use of “External Effect” plugins in Ableton Live, connecting with the H9000 via AES D-Sub for virtual plug-in use with zero latency, and a lot of automation across all FX chains.

It’s been SOLID. Not one crash or blip in 5 days. The only thing I have changed is that I have left my studio on for the last 5 days as I’ve been working with a lot of old analog synths and drum machines which never osund the same after being power cycled, even if left to warm up. No software updates or reinstalls, it simply started working.

I’m not one to complain. I’m having a blast. If the unit continues to work like this, and Eventide continue to drip feed updates and additional algorthyms, this will finally be the unit I hoped it would be. 

I’ll leave this now, and olny feedback if issues start up again.