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Eventide Staff
J20056 wrote:
Thank you. Keeping hardware routing obviously key so makes sense. Do you have any sense of an ETA, even for a beta release? Asking because I switched to playing guitar in my band, and I will need the ability to switch live and we are discussing upcoming gigs. I already assembled my H9000R in a portable rack unit. Also, how fast is it to load 4 FX Chains, and are there any audible clicks?

It's hard to estimate as this is scheduled for the 1.3 release, and we are currently still in Beta for 1.2 (but we are very close to public release).  We hope to make it available as a beta release as soon as its ready because it is a top priority, but this likely won't be till after the new year.

Loading 4 FX chains can vary depending on how many algorithms are in them, but start-to-finish load time can be up to ~5 seconds to load 4 heavy chains.  We've made sure to eliminate any unpleasant sounds (clicks/pops) but there will be a momentary dropout in audio while the effects are being switched.