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jbamberg wrote:

J20056 wrote:
After I posted this, i saw the forum section with presets but it is essentially 100% H9 presets posted. Which brings my next question: since the H9000 can emulate H9 algos, is it also able to load H9 preset files? I assume it doesn’t but it would be great if it did as the library is fairly large. Just a thought.

Internally, the H9000 uses the same preset format as the H9 for those algorithms, and we did it that way to enable preset sharing with the H9 community.  However, this isn’t supported via the UI yet.  It will be fairly easy for us to add this, so we should be able to get this into a point release after 1.2 is out.

This would be awesome but I think algos need to be included here. So a sub preset sharing category for H9K users along with sound sample support 😉

@Joe, holding thumbs for Harmadillo to be inluded in the 1.2 release