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Eventide Staff

Have you installed version 1.2 of emote?  The version on the website, 1.1.5[2], only works with production (v1.1) H9000 software.  You can download emote 1.2 from here:

Mac OS: https://share.eventide.com/wl/?id=UyO59bHWOZKUGC6tWHn8QfPR25yNVORA

Windows: https://share.eventide.com/wl/?id=kbi0jEs53nBmnXXvNAPkXpuSkvVeXjJ8

We are going to release 1.2 to production next week, in case you would prefer to wait for that.

Regarding the password issue, could you please email support@eventide.com referencing this forum post so we can help troubleshoot.  By the way, the team is out until Monday for the Thanksgiving holiday.