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MFPhouse wrote:

… i had the same Problem here. But i fixed it.

I feel better with cabling the controller in Vsig direct instead of via ” hold select “.

I build some Presets where 5 Pedals ( via CV – CC ) controlled parameters and now it works. What kind of Pedals do you use ? Some times there is a translation problem in between the Midi 127 value ( fix ) and ” your ” Value.


nickrose wrote:

The H8000 was designed as a studio device rather than a live performance instrument,

you are kidding wink…i bought this Maschine because this is the only Unit wich can do thinks like that in realtime.



Can describe how you did it? I’m trying to replicate a whammy tone with my H8000.

By the way, did you compare the H8000 “whammy” to the real one?