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jbamberg wrote:

cyborgssc wrote:

Two things:

1) I am seeing a crash in Emote 1.2.2[4] on a new Mac Pro running OS 10.15.2. Happens during connection to the H9000. The app boots, but crashes within a couple seconds of attempting to connect. The app works fine on my MacBook Pro (late 2014) with OS 10.15.2 so it’s not generically a Catalina problem. The crash stack is always the same, with sqlite3_clear_bindings at the top. Do you get the crash reports that are sent to Apple, or would it be useful for me to send one directly to you?

2) The most recent software version for the H9000 is still listed as Public Beta rather than Production in the update list. Will there be a version actually marked as Production?

Hi cyborgssc,

1) We haven’t seen this.  We don’t get crash reports sent to Apple, so it would be very useful if you could send it to us.  Please email it to support@eventide.com and we’ll take a look.  It’s strange, given that it works fine on the other machine.  I wonder if the paths to some files or folders might be different, or the permissions.

2) Yes, very soon.  I apologize that it’s taking so long to get this release into production.  We needed to do a lot of testing before the break, and at that point it seemed better to wait until the new year before throwing the switch.


I emailed the crash report to the support email. Please let me know if you need anything else – thanks.