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jbamberg wrote:

Have you installed version 1.2 of emote?  The version on the website, 1.1.5[2], only works with production (v1.1) H9000 software.  You can download emote 1.2 from here:

Mac OS: https://share.eventide.com/wl/?id=UyO59bHWOZKUGC6tWHn8QfPR25yNVORA

Windows: https://share.eventide.com/wl/?id=kbi0jEs53nBmnXXvNAPkXpuSkvVeXjJ8

We are going to release 1.2 to production next week, in case you would prefer to wait for that.

Regarding the password issue, could you please email support@eventide.com referencing this forum post so we can help troubleshoot.  By the way, the team is out until Monday for the Thanksgiving holiday.



Has the new version finally been released?


on the eventide website i am still seeing 1.1.5 and above we are talking about 1.2, correct?