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ndoe22 wrote:
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ethosphere wrote:

Better yet, why can't emote be ported to an IOS app? 

We are certainly thinking about this, but it is a whole lot of work.

The question is whether the best use of our (finite) time is to further develop the H9000, or to spend our time on apps to control it.

You probably can't have both, but presumably some compromise is achievable..


I think you could do both. It doesn’t have to be one or the other. Also since most people will have that units for a long time. I feel like developing things for it will take some time. I don’t think anyone is saying both right now. I’d like to see some of the new algorithms designed for the H9000 but would like to see an iPad app (ie H9 app or emote)

Yes, it would be possible to do both given enough time and demand. That writ, I'd like to point out that it's more than 'both'. Eventide has been around for a while (as have I) and it seems to me that some people mistakenly equate age with size or breath of resources (or, in my case, wisdom). The same people that could add the next great alg or ProTools interface, or mike pres or improve the UI and work flow of Emote to better meet the user requirements of the handful of markets that the H9000 is good for (recording, broadcast, front-of-house, stage, post production, music creation) would have to stop doing whatever they are doing to port Emote. We accept that we're not great at everything. For all of us, taking the next step in gear that makes people want to make music is what we care most about. And rack mount is one of three realms that we try to play in. Much of the same team that does H9000 development also develops our plugins and stompboxes. If you'd like to learn a bit who we are as people check out this newly released podcast episode and hear how the H9000 came to be.