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jbamberg wrote:

rfeinberg wrote:
Is anybody using a Surface Pro to run Emote? It seems like a good alternative to an IOS app for now. Just run Emote software for Windows in Tablet mode. I’m trying to set it up here, but I cannot seem to get the H9000r to connect via an Ethernet cable ( thru a USB Ethernet adapter since the surface pro has no Ethernet port). Anyone else had issues with or tried with a surface pro?

Do you have the Apple Bonjour services for Windows installed?  You can download it from Apple here: https://support.apple.com/kb/DL999

It’s needed so that emote can discover the H9000 on the network.

Yep…that was it!  Thank you So much!     

Is that indicated in the mauals somewhere?   I couln’t find it!

None the less…now that I have it working….its TRULY no different than having an IOS app!    Runs in Tablet mode exactly as you’d expect.   Its easy to make edits and to audition presets and algos.     If anyone with a H900R wants the tablet interface that the “R” version is missing….this is a very viable way to go!