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jeffali wrote:

Anyone using the KMI Softstep and/or 12 Step for Live looping and control of the H9000?

Hi Jeffali,

Yes,  I use KMI let’s try and work together to get it good

As h9000 is thankfully USB compliant it all works very well via the simple MAPPING control: we assign the CC, the action TYPE, hit APPLY and…  hey presto!

I am also trying to use KMI for Control (e.g. CCs and Pgrm changes) and am hopng to get into Looping / Ableton when I understand how the eventide implementation of MIDI clock start/stop works – do you?

The big problem right now is that h9000 BYPASS seems to work ‘inside out’ to any pedal I have ever known (see my post previous to yours).

What happens is that a H9000 BYPASS cuts the OUTPUT of an algo rather than the INPUT. So algos are always ON & listening to what you play. If BYPASS is ON, when you engage the algo by hitting the KMI footswitch you immediately hear messy unwanted tails of everything you have just played spilling all over…

I am using MUTE not BYPASS now, but I lose an algo 🙁

Best wishes and luck