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cdonnet wrote:
I totally agree : H9000 is the flagship and the updates for new algos should be faster. I have the impression that all of the efforts are worn on the H9.

Thanks for your comments. I'm not sure how to address this without sounding defensive so here goes-

We've invested nearly ten years of effort into the H9000 because we believe that it's the future. The box's development wasn't a 'business decision'. That's something we've never been particularly good at. It's not as if there are dozens of companies developing rack mount audio effects boxes. They know better. That said, we do hope that sales of the H9000 will help pay at least some of our expenses and keep Eventide afloat. (Poor choice of word given our recent water 'event'.***)

In order for that to happen we believe that the H9000 must have value for a wide range of users including folks in broadcast and post production. One of the justifications (and appeal) for putting in this effort is that the design should make possible new and powerful multi-channel and surround effects. We're working on multi-channel limiters for broadcasters and surround sound reverbs. Dolby ATMOS compatibility is important too and we're trying to figure out exactly what that means.

Plus the box needs to support Avid HDX to be viable for a significant group of potential users. We're running these projects in parallel. Speaking of parallel efforts, we can't ignore our plugin and stompbox businesses or all bets are off. Really.

Porting effects that run on the H9 to the H9000 may seem trivial. Ain't so. Doable yes. Trivial no. On the one hand, the UI needs to be re-factored and re-thunk. On the other hand, the tapers of the parameters need to tweaked to work smoothly – to feel right. And, on the third hand, since the H9 uses fixed point math…

Porting plugins is also less than trivial. Our most advanced plugin for example, Physion, will likely have to run across multiple cores on one of the H9000's quad ARM chips. We've designed the system to support that but, again, nothing comes easy.

Fact is that we're a small team of fewer than 10 developers and we're doing as much as we can because we love what we do. We're not well managed (that's on me). We're trying to do too much (once again on me). 

The other fact is that we've painstakingly ported a shit load of algs from earlier rack mount products as well as from our stomp boxes and they run great on the H9000. And they sound fantastic. There's so much already in the box. Should there be more? Of course. Will there be more? You betcha. 

BTW, if you wonder who the heck we are I suggest that you have a listen to the three episodes of the Gear Club podcast with interviews of 7 of the 11 people who made the H9000 a reality. You'll discover, for better or worse, who we are and maybe get a sense of why we do what we do. 



*** https://www.facebook.com/Eventide/videos/767964083695675/?tn-str=k*F