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vaultstudio wrote:

Where's the info on the Eventide HDX Link……??????


What are the benefits of the HDX link compared to Dante?


The product is under development so we don't have any formal documentation yet.

The card will have two Digilink ports and Loop sync.

The benefits are that if you already have a ProTools HD setup, it will allow you to use an H9000 connected directly to your computer via a digilink connector, instead of using external digital IO like ADAT or AES.  You will be able to route 32 channels of IO to the H9000 in ProTools, or you can use 16 channels of IO and connect the second digilink port to another piece of HD hardware.

If you have an existing or planned Dante network and you are getting audio into and out of your computer using a Dante PCIe interface or (software) virtual sound card, then the H9000 Dante card will be a more flexible choice, since you can do arbitrary routing in your Dante network using the Dante Controller application.