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John Baylies

I use the H9KR and RME Fireface 800 to process my tuba and other wind instrumentalists who jam with me. The Dante card lets me route audio between FX Chains, and I'm trying to find a set of algorithms that I can use for an entire performance without having to swap anything. I plan to use Max/MSP's pattr object to save presets, and Ableton's dummy clips to automate gradual parameter changes. I have ableton set up in a way that lets me record all the dry mic inputs and the wet FXs simultaneously.

Here's a video of the last jam I had. It's definitely a work in progress… https://drive.google.com/file/d/1b4ug71NiROi20hikl-mh0-Um1gLyFIHn/view?usp=drive_web