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joeydego wrote:
Question for ya. I’m assuming you’re connected ADAT and analog I/O like I am. Do you direct monitor when tracking and are you using cue channels in console to get eventide fx? Also, how are you routed in your DAW? I have a Townsend mic plugged into XLR 3 and 4. I can’t seem to NOT hit the identical eventide analog channel, even though it’s not bussed or sent to it in the session.

That is my current setup using Eventide ADAT to UAD ADAT and Eventide Analog IO

I’ve only just started tracking for my project and firstly guitars so it’s quite simple. I don’t think I’ll track anything direct through the H9000 though will monitor through it.

Could use auxes in Console or just route back out of UAD through H9000 back into UAD and then using the H9000 mix settings…several options but am developing my workflow as I progress.

Everything goes through the Samson S-Patch Plus to give ultimate flexibility

I’ve attached a pic of the Samson S-PATCH Setup – took me ages to settle on that but it’s working nicely now