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brock wrote:
I'm trying to find the most affordable Eventide unit with this feature that I can put on a record.

Hi Brock. Are you able to play the 4 harmonies in Quadravox on an H9 using your above method? If so, are the notes produced in the pedal the actual Midi Notes being played (like the Meris Hedra for example), or simply intervals in relation to the physically played note on the instrument being used?

Just a thought (after stumbling upon this post).  For less than $630 US (an Eventide PitchFactor pedal and an event processor), I can get any four voices.  The resulting quality on a vocal input varies from great to adequate (depending on the input and complexity of the the voicings).

Maybe this MIDI translation from MIDI notes to CC values will help out in whatever future purchase you decide on.  Here's a diagram of the concept and the original post.