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jbamberg wrote:

patchen wrote:
I’d love to get an official response from someone at eventide on this. I know the work arounds, but frankly it’s pretty disappointing that they are necessary.

Well, the tapering of the knobs (or lack of it) is determined by the algorithm designer.  Many of the older algorithms that come from the H8000 and earlier boxes did not get as much attention paid to the tapering as later ones (for example, those from the H9 or plugins).  They behave in the H9000 just as they did on the older hardware.

If you have a particular algorithm or algorithms in mind, we’d be happy to look into improving their usability.  There are thousands of them though, and I don’t think we have the resources to go through them all.




that’s incorrect.

99.9% of the reverb A/B/C/D modules based algorithms have their decay time adjustable between 0.0 to 1000.00 seconds. Very, very few stop at 100.0 sec. And all are fully and easily adjustable from the knob or numeric keypad.  A few old DSP4000 presets may be using a smaller range and/or a tapered knob, making the decay times values not fully linear…. but that’s about a dozen presets, maybe.

No tapered knobs where ever used in all other algorithms… also because making reverb decay Tap Tempo controllable requires fully linear knobs control and high resolution quantization (0.xx sec).

I suspect something went a bit upside/down in the conversion to H9k… the thing requires attention and reprogramming… likely.