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ssgrfk wrote:


i have the H9000 connected via ADAT to a RME Fireface UFX and i am using primarily Ableton Live 10.x as my DAW.

everything is fine but occasionally i get a single glitch pop sound, at random intervals, out of the H9000 output, a single glitch that will occur perhaps once every 10 or 20 minutes or so, and it only happens as a singular glitch.. so its easily removed from any recordings and not a big deal at all. but just wondering if anyone has any obvious tips or things i could do to try and eliminate it.

it happens too infrequently to demand a deeper investigation at this point but if anyone has any advice. pls share.



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Hi! What version of the H9000 software are you running? Also, how are you clocking the H9000? 



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