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jbamberg wrote:

How are you syncing your audio interface and the H9000?  With ADAT, AES, word clock, or using an aggregate device?

The Audio Interface reads the session info and then syncs to the session.  The Audio Interface is set to Clock Source: Internal.  Then the H9000 syncs from that via Word Clock.

In the H9000, I have the following settings showing:

Clocksource: Word Clock


WCLK_TERM: Enabled

Clock Rate: Locked:48000

USB Driver: Detached

I use the H9000 as my Dante Master and everything syncs off of that.  So. once it syncs to the session (which is usually either 48k or 44.1k depending on the session), then everything else syncs to the H9000.

I have 7 other Dante devices on the network, all following the H9000.