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ndoe22 wrote:

Hey everyone i want to first say i hope everyone at EVentide is safe and doing well.  And i also understand the situatuion we are all in the world comes to a stand still.  I just recieved the email that said you guys are well and still working from home.  I hope that with not being busy with other things and stuck at home that you guys really focus on the H9000 updates.  I know im running a development version because i was having the issues with the FPGA vs the fixed point and the audio "pops" but it looks like the last official update was almost a year ago.  I just hope you guys take the time to focus on your flagship unit.

hope all is well



Hi Justin, 


Thank you so much for checking up on us, thankfully we are all doing pretty well and still in working on all our products including the H9000. We did release newest production build 1.2.2[3] which has the fix for the popping issue. If you havent yet,  make sure to update to this build as the updated Emote build which will be in the H9000 docs and dowloads page. 

We are working hard on new features and a future expansion card for the H9000. We will make sure to keep everyone in the loop when these new builds are ready. 


Thank you again!