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I’m also getting digital clicks on channels using both ADAT and AES DSUB through the H9000. It doesn’t seem to be dependent on the sample rate. If I have the H9k clocked to AES it shows one sample rate while showing a different one (slightly) via wordclock. The clicks are super annoying since I’m working on a 55 minute long piece with lots of sustained ambiences so punching in to the mix print everytime the come up has been a pain.

Just noticed that I’m seeing different sample rates with different AES inputs (all on the same DSUB). Connected to a Digidesign 192 (wordclock is also connected to the same device). All options show Locked and I hear relays switching when changing.

Session Sample Rate of 44.1kHz

Wordclock – 44082

AES 1/2 – 44082

AES 3/4 – 44082

AES 5/6 – 44122

AES 7/8 – 44082


Have just tried switching my system over to using the H9000 as the clock master and will see how it goes.