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Same random clicking and popping issue here.

Haven’t pinpointed the issue yet, but sounds very much like the same clocking issue described here.

I’m clocking my H9000 via MADI coaxial, slaved to RME Fireface UFX+.
(I used optical MADI before, and same issue there)
H9000 software 1.2.2[3], Madi on Expansion slot A, (MADI firmware 10)

Also there’s the same wierdness with clock rates. When clocking to 44,1kHz, The H9000 shows that it’s locked, but the actual rate reads either 44082Hz, or 44122Hz. Not 44100.
I asked RME about this and they said it looks like a bug in H9000 MADI input clock handling.
Also reported this to Eventide last July. Don’t know if it’s the same bug causing these clicks and pops though.

Could you please also give me access to a release with the fix. Thank you.