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joecozzi wrote:
So if you make an adjustment on the front panel it will reflect on a controller?

Yes, exactly this. And sorry, perhaps I could have been more clear. 

I think the H9000 should send out MIDI values of all mapped controls when adjusting anything mapped to a MIDI command. MIDI values should also be sent out when loading sessions, scenes, saved fx-chains, or saved algorithms that include mapped MIDI controls


1) mirror the state of the current H9000 fx settings to DAW / MIDI controller to easily see the values from your controller leds / motor faders / display, and to avoid big jumps when adjusting from controller.

2) to keep multiple controllers in sync, again to have correct visual feedback and to avoid big jumps

Perhaps there could be a global setting to disable this, in case someone doesn’t want this to happen? However most proper MIDI controllers have at least some visual feedback via leds or displays, so this would make sense.