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Yes, routing needs to be seriously improved, especially for cases where you have lots of I/O. I have both Dante and MADI cards, so there are about 100 inputs and 100 outputs available for both FX chain routing and direct routes. I would prefer the route creation options that a tool like Dante Controller offers, but multi-channel drag/drop would be better than nothing. Here’s feedback I gave Patrick more than a year ago on the 1.1 beta:

When creating audio routes, being able to multi-select sources and then drag all of them to a set of destinations would save time. Even stereo pairs would be faster to create if I could grab 2 inputs and drag them to the inputs of an Algorithm (and/or outputs to outputs). Where this would really be handy is in the Direct I/O, say if I want to grab 8, 16 or 24 MADI inputs and direct route them to 8/16/24 Dante outputs. That part is quite tedious right now. Of course I will create template sessions that have all of the I/O setup correctly, so this is more of a time saver for FX Chain/algorithm I/O manipulation.