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By “the H9000 should send out MIDI values of all mapped controls when adjusting anything mapped to a MIDI command” I meant of course that the adjusted parameter value should be sent out. Not necessery to send out every parameter value, except for when they all change due to loading another preset. I also forgot one important scenario: all values should be sent out in boot up too, when loading the last state of the H9000, to make sure all controllers show the correct values right from the start.

One useful feature would be the ability to send out all MIDI parameter values on command. For controller initialization without having to reboot the H9000 or reload your session to get the current MIDI values. (when connecting / powering on your midi controller after the H9000, or like in my case, using a laptop and MIDI router/ translator software in between your controllers and the H9000.)

Maybe a button, a midi command, or if I could decide – a MIDI mappable button to ”Re-initialize MIDI” (just don’t make this one send out it’s mapped MIDI command with the others to avoid an infinite loop of re-sending all the values. wink )

As the H9000 doesn’t have Mackie control support or similar to form a handshake with the controller, it has no way of knowing when a MIDI controller is connected so I think this would be useful in many situations.