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iVardensphere wrote:

I reinstalled Emote (again. latest available revison) which still does not see any sort of H9000 connected. Just a blank, black screen with the option to manually enter an IP. I'm not familiar with juggling IPs so I've shy'd away from doing that thus far. Both the H9000 and the computer are on the same network which, according to the manual should work. 

I just checked in the manual and on the download page and they are both missing a vital piece of information for Windows users.  Emote depends on the Apple Bonjour library in order to find and connect to the H9000.  This needs to be downloaded and installed for it to work.  I apologize for this – we've been meaning to update the documentation but it hasn't happened yet.  I'll make sure this happens soon.  Anyway, I expect that this is your problem, and here's a link to install this package: