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Harpo wrote:


this is my first post, so I first like to say how great the H9000 sounds!

Also the handling is good if you master some entry level problems…

I try to find a way to use it for live performance. As I learned in the forum the scenes will come in the next emote version.

But in between I found out the H9000R recovers the last session. Also assigned midi controllers are recovered – very good!

My question is: where get the data of the current session saved?

Is it in internal battery buffered RAM? Or is it on the USB stick?

Thank you very much



Hi Sebastian, 


The Session data is stored within the H9000 internal storgare to recover the last session. However, you can save your session to external thumb drives or to your computer so that you have it as a backup or to move your sessions between different units. 

Hope this helps!