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mennis wrote:

I am delighted to now own an H9000.  I would like to slim down my rack and my current target is one of my D-Two's which I appear to only use for the default D-Two and the Straight  2290 patches. Is there a home for community grown patches where I might find others working on such patches? On the D-Two patch I only currently only modulate feedback and tap tempo using the MIDI clock.


Hi Ian,

There are five TC 2290 patches in the H9000 program library.  These algorithms come from the H8000FW.  I personally haven't used them, but they may address your needs:

6523 TC2290

6524 TC2290 Dyn Chorus

6525 TC2290 Dyn Flanger

6526 TC2290 Dyn Long Dly

6537 2 TC2290 Dynamic Delays


For user contributed patches, check out the forum called "Vsig and Preset Development".  It's possible to download these algorithms from the H9000 into the VSig editor and customize them.