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nickrose wrote:

Hi Vito. I’m afraid that it sounds broken. Your best bet would be to return to sender.

It will be a while before there are repair facilities, although you could try contacting our Italian dealer.

In the meantime, you could try putting it into update mode – if you can it would be worth trying an update as described elsewhere on this sit. If you can’t it will need to be looked at. 

Or, if you have access to another working Eclipse, we could try a prodcedure that helped other people on this post. To do this, contact support@eventide.com mentioning this post and the word “clone”. You would require the other Eclipse, a CF card smaller than 2G, an ability to write the card, and a “null modem” cable.


Hi Nick and thanks for the quick response

I’ll try to update to 4.01 with compact flash. Anyway, shuold I try to load the bootloader too? Or not?