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Well I got it working. Woohoo. A few logic chips and a RAM. Now I have a question for anyone who has one of these or remembers the detail. Two questions actually:

1: Does anybody have the Harmoniser schematic that was not included in the original manual as it was a later add-on?

2. The Harmoniser has a switch that looks like it should be a 3 position toggle. It’s labelled Delay (top)/Flange (middle)/Pitch (bottom). Only it only seems to work in 2 of the positions despite being a 3 position toggle on my unit. Should it be a 3 position (one side is biased on mine) or, as I suspect, a 2 position and the front panel labelling is misleading. It certainly doesn’t produce a ‘Flange’ effect but then again it might not be fully functional! I’ve never read that these could flange so maybe it was an idea that never made it off the drawing board? Since I’m refurbing it I might as well put in a new switch since my one is a bit bent. I’d love to know what it was originally- 2 position, 3 position, biased one side or no bias.

Incidentally, looking at the pcb tracks it doesn’t look like a 3rd position/function was actually possible since 2 of the pcb pads are unused.

Oh, final question- 3. My unit has the red plastic LED filter panel missing. I’m resigned to having one custom made but if anyone knows of a spares stash that might have one. I know it’s a long shot. I’m in the UK and happy to pay of course.

Thanks in advance anyone.