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nickrose wrote:

Yes – the one on the right drives the panel electronics (leds, switches, etc).

The one on the left only drives the screen.

Try wiggling the connector and make sure it is pushed home (look at the leds while doing this).

We don’t have a lot of problems with these connectors, but it the most likely and easiest to fix.

Otherwise, it needs to come for service.



Thanks Nick, nothing happens, always the same behaviour, the connector seem in good shape. I’m in Italy, I don’t think it’s a big deal to ship this (may be only the front panel?)

I think there will be some strange issue behind this behaviour: the dot matrix is one piece so I believe is only one Ic to drive them. I checked every single led and they work but no light on the machine whith any kind of digital or analog input, only on the controller works fine. One last thing: at power on the overload leds lights (on the EveNet are all on)