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nickrose wrote:

The card looks suitable. You should use FAT for Eclipse OS before 4.0

I would suggest that you load files onto the card from the Eclipse, otherwise it’s hard to know if they are being put on the card correctly.

The card is intended for loaing and saving to/from the Eclipse – it’s not intended as a file transfer medium.



Ah okay, I understand. Well I’m just a bit stumped on what the process is to load the sysex files onto the Eclipse and then onto the card. When I send the sysex file using midiox, the Eclipse shows the preset but doesn’t let me access it. I’m asumming the usb to midi cable I’m using is good since the Eclipse is showing the preset, and I was also successfully able to load a bunch of presets into my PCM81 as well.


I was looking to find some kind of guide that shows me from start to finish how to properly import these files onto the eclipse, and then onto the memory card. Thank you.