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John Baylies wrote:

Keep in mind that the Omnipressor algo sums both inputs to mono, so if you want a stereo Omnipressor you’ll need two of them.

also note that there are two Omnipressor algorithms. #1116, and #6517. After skimming both of them in Vsig3, they do seem to be slightly different.

here’s a copy of the Omnipressor plug-in preset “Over Easy Mastering” for #6517, which I’m a fan of https://drive.google.com/file/d/18-P5XEGglyMUCYEjIeaqqYlktlQWRvJb/view?usp=sharing I put two of them side by side and run the left channel into one, and the right channel into the other.

and I just stumbled across this and got a kick out of it https://www.eventideaudio.com/presenting-eventide-omnipressor

Funny stuff. 

Just so I understand how to set this up in the matrix, I’d bring a stereo instance of pipeline up in Studio one to a linked stereo I/O on my master fader (say analog 1-2). Then on the Emote grid, I’d run 2 omnipressors with analog 1 going to the first (they appear on the grid in stereo so does it matter 1 or 2 for the I/O?) to output analog 1, and for the 2nd instance it would be analog 2 output with input 1 or 2, correct?