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Spent some time on this tonight and I could not find where to assign an external controller to the global wet/dry mix.  I didn’t see it anywhere under Levels -> Wet/Dry or Setup->Externals.  I’ve been able to assign external controllers both individual effects bypass (FXA and FXB) and a global bypass, but can’t figure out where to do that for Global Wet/Dry.

Were you able to use a momentary switch and have it act as a momentary?  The manual suggests that external controllers support both types, Latched and Momentary, but they are just triggers, you can’t hold a momentary pedal and when you lift it toggles, you have to click the switch twice to go back and forth.

That’s really what I’m looking for, the ability to have the effect only be on when I’m holding down a momentary pedal.  Right now a momentary switch assigned to an external controller and set to “Momentary” acts as a toggle.