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nickrose wrote:

The other option is something different in your unit, possibly a hardware fault. I’d like you to run a memory self-test. Hold down the ‘5’ key and power cycle the unit. Release the key AS SOON as you see the “Power On” message. You should see “001 Test All” etc.Turn the knob until you see “004 Test Ram ALL”. Then hit the green TAP button.

Let it run for a few hours. You should see “P=xx E=yy T==zz”,  where xx is some big number, and yy and zz should be 0. If yy and zz are not zero, this means that you have a hardware problem and should send the unit for service.

hello, Yeterday I let Eclipse run ram test for good couple hours P went up to 1230 then I aborted test, results are E=0, T=0,  from what i undeerstood P is on nubmer of testing periods, meanign that each P is another repat of the same test, E – errors, T – ?? System Threats?

Is there any other test i should run?