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nickrose wrote:

I suspect there is a bug here, so suggest that people backup their user presets to a card before upgrading (always a good idea). Apologies to those for whom this advice comes too late.

We upgraded the checksum tests in 3.5, so these errors are probably real. The battery becomes suspect if you perform a Setup/Utility/FIX and then power down overnight. If the error is back in the morning, this would point to a bad battery (easy enough to change).

The battery should last many years, so if you have to change it too often, this would point to a hardware issue that is draining the battery.

Hi,. I too have the Checksum error on my Eclipse version 4.01, I did change the battery today while the unit was switched on and while it has saved my personal settings I still have the “Internal Checksum Error, press any key to continue” notification after its initialised, when I press any key the unit works as it should, as I’m in the UK, a long way away from you I’m worried that there may not be a “Fix” without returning the unit to you ?  Any suggestions ?