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Eventide Staff

I believe support has already reached out to you and helped you get AES3-DB25 working, but I thought I'd post this anyways just for reference: A typical analog DB-25 to DB-25 cable will not work. Analog DB-25 cables are meant to send 8 balanced outputs to 8 balanced inputs, or vice versa. “Balanced input 1” on one end of the cable uses the same pins as “balanced output 1” on the other end of the cable. 

On the other hand, one AES DB-25 cable can be used for 8 channels of input and 8 channels of output at the same time. In order for that to work, the inputs pins on one end of the cable need to be connected to the output pins on the other end of the cable (and these are not the same pins). So, if you try to use an analog DB-25 to DB-25 cable for AES, you would be connecting your outputs to your outputs and your inputs to your inputs (no good).

Personally, I am using a pair of these breakout cables (the Tascam type):  https://hosatech.com/products/digital-audio/aes-ebu-snakes/aes-800/

There are also some less readily-available AES "crossover" DB25 to DB25 cables that have the input and output pins connected correctly.

Here’s a document with the Tascam analog DB-25 and AES DB-25 pinouts that probably explains it better than I did: https://tascam.com/content/downloads/products/220/DB-25_Pinout.pdf

cyborgssc wrote:

I can confirm that it is standard Tascam AES/EBU pin out. I have seen the behavior you are describing, but could not reproduce it. I did have all 8 channels in both directions working at one point.

However, I now have a problem where I can see input on all 8 AES channels in the meters, but those signals do not reach the FX chains or algorithms they are connected to. Changing the clock (internal, AES, or Dante) did not help that problem. I've given up on AES for now since I have Dante and MADI. Those seem to work everytime.

If you had the clock source configured correctly (either Internal if the H9000 is clocking another device, or "AES Any" if the H9000 is being clocked by another device) and the Digital Audio Mode set to AES3 DB25, and it still wasn't working, then it sounds like it could be a bug. If you'd still like to use AES but continue to run into issues, feel free to get in touch with us at support@eventide.com. We can take a look at one of your H9000 sessions where you're trying to use AES3-DB25.