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nickrose wrote:

Look at “Fixing and Initializing Internal Memory” on UM p.53 to clear the bad checksum message.

If it comes back later, change the battery again. If this does not fix it, or it comes back immediately, you have a hardware fault.

If you actually do have a hardware fault, it has to go for service – there is no magic fix. It can be a bad memory chip, or faulty parts in the shutdown circuitry.

Our UK distributor should be able to fix it – it should not have to go back to the US.


44 020 8962 5080


Hi Nick rose, OK I assume that “Fixing and initialsing the internal memory” will lose me my presets ?  So before I do that I assume that I will need to first load my presets on a Flash Card, as I’ve never done this before, and before I make a mistake and lose them, I really need a walk through from the start to the re-load back from the Flash card.

I did replace the correct Battery and still had the Checksum error, so intialising is the next step.  I have a new Sand disk 256 Flash card at the ready but I’m panick stricken at atempting to do this without any step by step instructions, is there any chance you can help or anyone who’s done it before ?

Thank you in anticipation  ( From a Computer dummy, Lol )