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Did you get this working ok? I am waiting for a tascam format db25 aes cable so i can connect my apogee rosetta 800 yamaha format xlrs to tascam format at the xlrs and into the db25 via tascam on the eventide. I need to clock from the dante expansion card as well as it seems to be the only way everything in my studio through the computer works with DVS without clicks and pops at 96k.

So hopefully i will able to clock the Rosetta 800 via the dante a expansion and it will all just work.

Any reasons it shouldnt?

cyborgssc wrote:
tpluta wrote:

If you had the clock source configured correctly (either Internal if the H9000 is clocking another device, or “AES Any” if the H9000 is being clocked by another device) and the Digital Audio Mode set to AES3 DB25, and it still wasn’t working, then it sounds like it could be a bug. If you’d still like to use AES but continue to run into issues, feel free to get in touch with us at support@eventide.com. We can take a look at one of your H9000 sessions where you’re trying to use AES3-DB25.

OK thanks. I do have Digital Audio Mode as AES3 DB25. We can test various clock sources, but the clock needs to be Dante, as that is the master clock for my studio. The AES device I am connecting the H9000 to is also a Dante device on the same network/clock, so that should be OK. As I mentioned, I had it working, and then after shutting everything off and turning back on it stopped. I’ll try again at some point so we can diagnose it further. FWIW, I run my studio at 96 KHz. I do have the correct crossover cable.