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I’d like to ask some  rather basic questions.

I have Apollo X and a new H9000 … with a patchbay connected to the D25 analogue i/o, and the ADAT out to the Apollo. Apollo i/o via patchbay similar to your MacGee

Up until now I have really only used the inputs of the Apollo, mic’s, guitars direct or via an Fractal (SPDIF), and synths. Only outboard would be a pedal between synth and Apollo. UAD plugins if not using a DAW. I can still use the H9000 like a big pedal … instrument to analogue in to analogue out to Apollo with cables. Or instrument to H9000 analogue in to ADAT Apollo.

How are you sending stuff to the H9000 otherwise and getting it back … do you route things in Console i/o matrix, do you send things to a Cue channel and route that out to the patchbay (headphone channels?), do you use Emote instead or as well, or what … I’m sure this is very basic but I’m slightly overwhelmed and confused by possibilities …