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hemlocxl wrote:

OS- Mojave 10.4.6

Dante Controller 4.2.5

Firmware – h9k-dante-io-board-

Dante card LED is Orange on the left and green on the right

Network port on H9000R is green on the left, orange on the right

Emote is running fine and shows the unit

It showed up, initially and now can't be found by Dante Controller or via Dante Firmware Update Manager.  I had some issues when setting up my MTRX Studio, but those were resolved and it runs fine w/Dante.  And the Dante is definitely working, because I can route Logic Pro X's via Dante into Pro Tools Ultimate 2020.9 (HDX2) just fine.  I'm sure I am just overlooking something, but Dante is hardly user friendly, it seems.  Been a lot of trial and error, so far, argh.  I suppose I could always go other routes for I/O with the H9000R, but I do like what Dante is capable of.


Thanks for the info. I'll try and replicate the problem here.

By the way (apologies, I should have asked about this before) what is your IP addressing scheme for the Dante network? Are you using static, DHCP, or self-assigned (Bonjour) addressing?  You could post a screenshot of the Network settings for the relevant interface on your Mac.  Mine is attached as an example – I am using self-assigned addressing, hence the link-local (169.254) address.