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hemlocxl wrote:

Ok, now the H9000R is showing up in Device Info, but NOT in the Routing.  I cannot change anything in the network config tab for the H9000R.  It is set to SWITCHED and Manually Configure an IP address.  The IP address is the same as in Emote, but the subnet mask is wrong.  It reads in Dante Controller and in Emote.  As I said, I cannot change ANYTHING in Dante Controller.  It just freezes and reverts to the Switched setting with Manually configure an IP address, no matter if I Apply settings, clear config or reboot the device.  Also, not that my firmware is out of date and I have the current firmware downloaded but cannot update it through Dante Controller or the Firmware Updater.  

It's possible there's something wrong with the Dante card but first I'd like to double check that the network configuration is OK.

The H9000 with a Dante card in it has (at minimum) two separate network interfaces that need to be configured with different addresses:

 – The H9000 control port, which is right above the two USB A ports on the rear panel, which is used for Emote communication, software updates, etc

 – The Dante ports(s) on the expansion card, which are used for Dante audio and controller traffic

The control port is configured via the network page in emote or the front panel UI.  The Dante port (for simplicity's sake let's assume a non-redundant configuration, so we're just using a primary port) is configured via Dante Controller.

There is no requirement that these interfaces be on the same network.  However, they can't both have the same IP address.

It's often a good idea to separate the networks, because the Dante traffic is time sensitive.  I too have a Mac Pro. The first ethernet interface on the Mac is connected to a switch that is also connected to the H9000's control port, and my router, and some other network devices.  This network uses DHCP addressing in the range 10.1.x.y.   The second interface on the Mac is connected to the Dante card, with self-assigned (bonjour) addressing, so uses addresses 169.254.x.y.  (By the way, addresses starting 169.254 are reserved for self-assigned addresses and should not be configured statically).

If you look at the screenshots attached, you'll see that the Mac's primary interface is, the H9000 control interface is, the Mac's secondary interface is and the H9000 Dante card is

I can talk you through this by phone if that would help.  Just send an email to support@eventide.com and we can arrange a call.