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UPDATE!  It seems I got the durned thing working, in a sense! I unplugged the Network cable, was able to make a few changes in Dante Controller and managed to get it FULLY recognized in Dante Controller!  All green, across the board!  But, now I just have to figure out how to get the thing to work in Logic or Pro Tools :(…  I found a youtube video that kinda walked through configuring the H9000 with Logic via USB, but I am having no luck trying a similar thing w/Dante so far.  Does there happen to be a sample Dante Controller map that routes the H9000 in/out of a DAW?  And how to configure it in Emote?  I spent the better part of a few hours trying to figure it out, but no worky so far.  I had to wrap my head in duct tape to keep it from blowing up and messing up my walls, lol.  I’m sure I am overthinking it, but if there is a good tutorial out there, it would be totally useful! Also, if you guys could upload the firmware update to Audinate’s site, that would be great, too.  Getting there, slowly, but surely!