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I should also add that I have an Avid MTRX Studio and HDX2 setup.  DADman is probably adding another layer of complications.  But I have audio working fine from Logic, Pro Tools and system audio for iTunes, Youtube, etc.  It’s just trying to get the H9000R working in both DAWs.  I’m sure the routing process is different both of them, so it’s even more frustrating, since it’s not just a simple I/O situation and more of a send/return scenario.  I literally plugged an AVIO AES3 connector into my Eleven Rack and into the Dante network and it runs fine, right off the bat.  Audio in, no problem.  So, not sure how many steps I am missing here, but there really is no clear documentation anywhere online.  I don’t want to return the thing, to be honest.  I just want it to work, but I need to know how to get it to work