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I feel your frustration as I went through the same.  The issue could just be the setup/routing in the “Algorithms” page.  Try a simple 1-2 ch. setup.  Input/Outpus should be Dante and routing.  Don’t add any other connection links/channels.  Make sure you have a similar routing setup in Dante Controller and DAW.  Pay special attention to the routing because it might not a 1 to 1 connection.  For example even though in the Algorithms page I have 1-2ch routings it might be different in Dante Controller and DAW.  I’m on DP and that routing is handled via “bundles”.   Protools, Logic, etc. handles differently.   The routings have to align for a signal to pass.

Took me many minutes/trial & error to understand the routing in the Algorithms Emote tab with my DAW/Dante Controller.   I was happy with DVS but decided on a dedicated option after adding the H9000.  Not saying that’s the solution, but if thinking of adding more Dante equip then it’s an option.  Try the routing suggested above and report back.  I’m guessing it’s the routing/setup.  Not an H9000 issue.