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John Baylies wrote:

hemlocxl wrote:
There’s no documentation on how to properly do this anywhere

Forgive me for asking this, but have you checked out the Emote manual? It’s located here: https://www.eventideaudio.com/support/downloads/emote-user-manual

Page 16 is most relevant to your troubles:

Hey John,

Well, it seems that I got it working, sort of.  I tried the Emote Stand Alone app with iTunes as a test.  Lo and behold, it actually worked with some readjusting things in Dante Controller and DADman.  I got it to work in Pro Tools with the same settings.  Physical inputs 1&2 (From DVS) and outputs 17&18 (Direct into my MTRX Studio).  I guess I was trying to direct the outputs back to DVS, before, but it seems with Pro Tools, it wants the feed into the MTRX Studio.  It works, but not quite the way I was hoping, but I guess I’ll have to experiment more.  If I change the I/O settings in Emote, it loses input/output signal, even though there are valid available routes in DVS and MTRX..  Also had to add some outputs to the monitor profile in DADman to hear it.  Now if I can just reroute that signal back into Pro Tools, it would be great.  Haven’t attempted recording yet, but I inadvertently figured out how to route iTunes into Pro Tools, lol.  So, not a total waste of time.  The only other odd thing is that if I don’t disconnect or mute Emote before I close out a session, Emote stays active and processes signals even with the app closed, yikes…