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Or maybe I got that wrong? Is the MTRX sending audio to the H9000 and then that’s being returned to the MTRX?  I give up, Dante is mindbogglingly confusing.  Thinking I might return the Dante card and just stick to the Analog, AES and ADAT I/O.  Either way, this thing is NOT working the way it theoretically should.  The Emote user manual is useless.  I understand what it says I should do, but it doesn’t address all the variables in my setup, for one.  And I understand that there are many ways to skin the proverbial cat, so it’s impossible to address every scenario, but as it stands, it seems like I can only use one stereo channel of I/O on the H9000R and not 32 channels(16×16), so it’s a bust, it seems..